Social Support Groups are listening!

Clients have provided feedback regarding their level of satisfaction of meals at our
centres, with some expressing their preference for more culturally appropriate meals and
more variety in the menu planning.

CO.AS.IT. in collaboration with clients, staff and Clubs have established client focus
groups which meet on a monthly basis in order to develop menus based on client
preferences, regions and seasons.

There has already been a marked improvement in some of our centres with clients
enjoying some of the flavours of their region of origin and of their childhood, we are still
working closely with a few Clubs to achieve similar outcomes.
The organisation will keep monitoring freshness, portion control and quality ensuring
client involvement in every phase of menu planning.

CO.AS.IT. actively listens to consumers’ voices and values their feedback. So, if you have a
suggestion, a query, or you would like to simply tell us about your experience with a staff
member or a volunteer, don’t hesitate to contact us during business hours on 9349 9000.
Drop us a line through, or perhaps complete and return the
consumer questionnaire recently mailed to your home address.