Change is always difficult, it poses great challenges. It is positive when it is born of our ability to respond to the emerging needs of people and society, to look beyond today’s boundaries in order to better understand where we are as a person, as an organisation and as a society. Change is about understanding our common directions and having the capacity to see beyond the immediacy of everyday life, it is projecting our vision and mission into the future.

For CO.AS.IT. the future is in education, aged care services and the interconnections between the two.We are in the midst of a rapid transformation that requires changes, sometimes drastic. Some changes come from a better knowledge of consumer needs and our services; others are a result of the new quality parameters introduced by governments; other changes for alignment will emerge, undoubtedly,as a result of the Royal Commission investigations into aged care services. Some changes have risen from the improved capacity we have developed to offer services aimed at individual needs.

Nonetheless, every change is always difficult, but it is a responsibility for all of us to share. The structure of our organisation therefore requires ongoing upgrading to guarantee continuous improvement for growth in order to provide high quality of services.

On. Marco Fedi CEO