Every day, a close-knit team of more than twenty people works with dedication to the planning and management of CO.AS.IT.’s Aged Care Services. The tireless work of our Case Managers, Coordinators and Assistants is of fundamental importance for the regular delivery of our vast range of activities, which bring our parents or grandparents professional support, company and allow them to continue to live semi-independently in their own homes.

CO.AS.IT. continues to grow as a provider of aged care services, with an increasingly strong demand in the areas of Home Care Packages (HCP) for the elderly, Social Support Groups, the Flexible Respite program for carers, the Visitation Program (both at home and in nursing homes) and the coordination of the Italian Pensioners’ Clubs.

Clients of CO.AS.IT.’s home care services know and are accustomed to the friendly and professional staff members who provide their services, but they are not often aware of the incredible work that happens behind the scenes: “The bulk of our work – explains Case Manager Tonia Roccioletti – is not just coordinating the work of the more than 100 Support Workers who provide our services, but it is to identify the most suitable services for each individual client and match the client with the right worker. We are all different and we all have different and specific needs, as it is easy to imagine. Our greatest commitment is to be in constant contact with our clients, understand their level of satisfaction and find suitable services that meet various requirements: they must be safe, increase their degree of independence and improve their quality of life. A better life is a happier and longer life.”

PHOTO: Members of CO.AS.IT. Aged Care Department with CEO Hon. Marco Fedi. Photo ©CO.AS.IT.