Italian classes for students of all ages (pre-school to year 12) have started for 2020!
Students are immersed in learning the language and culture and engage in fun activities that make learning the Italian language easy and meaningful.

Does this mean it’s too late to sign up your kids? Nope!
Places are still available, particularly in the preschool program for 4 year olds.
So, no, you haven’t missed the train!

The importance of learning a second language cannot be stressed enough. And starting from an early age makes it much, much easier for the learner. It’s not just about “being able to speak to locals when travelling” (it might come as a shock, but in 2020 foreign people still speak their own foreign language, instead of English!), learning a second language helps the brain develop above average levels: it’s a scientific fact that bilingual people are smarter.

The richness of Italian grammar and vocabulary stimulates the intellect, like a gym for the brain! Knowing Italian also provides a competitive edge in career choices, giving students a solid advantage over their peers in the world of tomorrow.

For more info and enrolment, please contact Maria on 03 9349 9012.